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Here you will find the results to some of the seasons tournaments, not all may be shown as the results may have not been submitted.

Results from St Mawgan Tournament 2015

Under 10’s Competition

1st – Jake Hannaford
2nd – George Riley-Flinder
3rd – Olwyn Champliand Tal-e-dot

Under 12’s Competition

1st – Carrie-Anne Allan
2nd -Lily Atrinson
3rd – Jake Hannaford
4th  – Corey Keelan

Under 14’s Competition

1st – Dougie Allan
2nd – Jamie Pyne
3rd – Bennath Webster

Under 16’s Competition

1st – Rob Doughty
2nd – Toby Garner
3rd – Joe Cawley
4th  – Luke Hannaford
5th – Jamie Hannaford

Under 18’s Competition

1st – Joe Cawley
2nd – Rob Doughty
3rd – Luke Hannaford

Novice Competition

1st – Tim Nicholas
2nd – Steve Nicholas
3rd – Tim Rickard
4th  – Clive Mitchell
5th – Phil Riley

Middleweight Open Competition

1st – Toby Garner
2nd – Jamie Hannaford

Men’s Open Competition

1st – Ashley Cawley
2nd – Dougie Allan