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St Mawgan 2017

Cornish Wrestling St Mawgan Tournament 2017

The much awaited Cornish Wrestling Tournament at St Mawgan will take place on the 15th of July 2017 on the St Mawgan village green. Everyone welcome spectators, families and complete beginners to the sport who may fancy a little tuition and having a go in our Novice competition.

St Mawgan Tournament 2014 DVD

Cornish Wrestling St Mawgan Tournament DVD Film

Action packed traditional Cornish sport, containing some of the best Cornish Wrestling action of the season.

Recorded in high-quality with slow-motion replays for ‘backs’ and other great throws.

A great learning tool for those interested in the sport.

£5.99 (for UK delivery)

Wordwide shipping is available for an additional £2,  if you require international shipping please use the Buy Now button below.

£7.99 (for worldwide delivery)

Please note that international orders may be processed using slimmer packaging and may not contain a standard DVD case as shown above.