Gundry The Champion Wrestler – 11th August 1843

Redruth annual wrestling at South turnpike, on Tuesday and Wednesday 22nd and 23rd of August.

The following prizes will be awarded, first price a silver goblet value £7, second ditto, a silver cup value £4, third ditto a silver cup value £2.10, forth ditto a gold laced hat, fith ditto a silver laced hat.

Parties who have taken the directions of this wrestling in hand wish it to be known that T.Gundry of Sithiney will be accepted from contending for any of the above prizes, as he (Gundry) has not for a succession of years met with anything like an equal match, at any of the wrestlings he has attended, from which circumstance, his presence as a player has had a disparaging effect on the generality of wrestlers, therefore justice demands for him the well earned title of “Champion of all the English Wrestlers”

Source: To be confirmed.