Portrait of Cornwall – Wrestlers Riot

The attraction of the wrestling brought out a number of young persons from Bodmin, one of whom entered the ring and threw two Roach men. This success was immediately followed by an attack on the Bodmin man, and a general riot commenced. After having, for some time, contended in the pugilistic style, the combatants armed themselves with bludgeons from a large wooden rick in the church-town. Thus equipped, the fight was renewed with furry, heads were laid open, teeth knocked out, and the field of battle was quickly strewn with the maimed.

After the contest had continued for about two hours and when twilight had commenced, victory still hung doubtful but about this time the Roach and Luxillian men were reinforced by a considerable detachment from neighbouring mines.

The fresh body of forces soon decided the fate of the day. The Bodmin men were forced to fly in disorder, perused by the shouting victors, being unable to cover the retreat of their wounded, who were forced to limp off as well as they could!

Source: To be confirmed.

Date: To be confirmed.